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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Ways in which we, as an Executive Search Company, can sustainably support your company in its success.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE & I) issues are on everyone’s radar and feature prominently on the agendas of most large companies. In HR and within the organizational structure, these issues are often tackled passionately, driven by conviction and the awareness of the competitive advantage that DE & I-focused companies possess – not to mention the fact that these issues are often bonus-relevant.

However, for various reasons, DE & I is fraught with challenges, and the search for DE & I talents can be a formidable task, especially given the shortage of skilled professionals and talents in many industries.

Organizations that are open to embracing DE & I principles, especially at the leadership level, often emerge as industry leaders.

As your Executive Search partner, we adhere to the approach that, regardless of role or industry, the objective is to find the best person for the respective position. In doing so, we naturally follow the principles of DE & I, as only through a holistic market perspective can the best placement be achieved. Without artificial pressure, but with the aid of the utmost objectivity.

In our view, what is crucial for a DE & I-compliant placement?

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1. A holistic view beyond industry stereotypes.

Often, within an industry, people tend to “fish” in the same pool, targeting homogeneous groups. We dare to look beyond that. Especially at the leadership level, the focus should be more on an individual’s skills than on the specific requirements of a particular industry niche. We consider what is needed and allow ourselves to present “bonus top candidates” from outside this spectrum. Often, when chosen, these candidates become the key to stronger network connections within the organization.

2. Regularly reevaluate job requirements and adjust if necessary.

We all know that sticking to the status quo can be the biggest obstacle to securing future success. While demanding competency profiles are necessary, they must also be contemporary. If you want to attract the best talent for your company, let’s engage in an open dialogue. If needed, the best Executive Search consultants will question some requirements constructively to ensure they are relevant and not needlessly restrictive.
Over decades, we have collaborated with numerous clients and are therefore up-to-date with the most successful hiring models – and we also know when a hiring model is outdated.

3. Being aware of unconscious biases.

Humans judge quickly, often within milliseconds. Even when reviewing “anonymous” resumes, small details can tip the scales one way or another. Excellent talent consulting firms are capable of providing advice and guidance on minimizing unconscious biases during the CV screening, interview, and selection processes. Objectivity and consistency must be ensured for the best choice, and we are committed to achieving this.

4. We support your choice and the candidates in every way.

During the selection process, we offer our support to both you and the candidates in every step of the process. In addition to the deep engagement with us, our corporate clients have the option of additional booking assessments before the final selection. These assessments are highly supportive in objectively assessing individuals and can further facilitate the successful decision. In parallel, we invest time in guiding each candidate step by step through the process and provide them with access to mentoring and coaching services if desired.

As we all know, DE & I is a multifaceted, complex challenge that will require generations to open up structures and establish holistic opportunities. Real change must be led “from the top,” and it’s essential for Executive Search firms to help level the playing field and advocate for fairness, starting on the long list level.

We are more than happy to do this with passion, as we are convinced that sustainable success is built on a healthy mix.

Would you like to discover how we can support your organization and leadership team in terms of DE & I? Please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Eva-Maria Maute
Eva-Maria Maute


Eva-Maria Maute works as Consultant, Executive Coach and DE & I Specialist for EMA Partners Switzerland AG.