98A0061 - Interview Philippe Eyer

Interview Philippe Eyer

What brings you the greatest joy in your job, Philippe?

My goal is to bring together people who not only fit well professionally but also personally. I firmly believe that a harmonious work atmosphere and a strong sense of teamwork are crucial contributors to a company’s success. It’s not just about finding the right qualifications and skills but also about meeting the individual needs and desires of the candidates. I take pride in helping people achieve their career goals, and thereby significantly contributing to the company’s success.

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Your experience in Executive Search is quite profound. How would you describe your three core competencies? What sets you apart?

  1. A keen sense, honed by years of experience, for connecting compatible people
  2. A deep understanding of the needs and requirements of the clients
  3. Personal commitment

In your opinion, what does it take for candidates today to successfully navigate the process and convince their future employer?

At times, I wish that candidates would try to better put themselves in the employer’s shoes and not only consider the situation from their own perspective, such as “what’s right for me.” The demand for providing an attractive, meaningful, and sustainable work environment has significantly increased in recent years. It requires more mutual understanding as the basis for sustainable shared success. If both sides can openly and evenly exchange thoughts during the introduction process, the recruitment process is likely to be successful for both parties.

In times of skilled labor shortages, what do you believe is needed more than ever to attract top candidates for a vacancy?

The vacancy should offer the candidate an opportunity for further development and an attractive, next step. This doesn’t always have to be in the form of a higher salary or a higher hierarchical position; often, a new role or a change of industry is equally appealing. Company culture plays a very important role in this regard. Candidates must feel comfortable in the new environment. This aspect is increasingly valued.
Many candidates quickly sense whether this will be the case or not within the first few conversations. The more openly and straightforwardly a company presents itself in this regard, the higher the chances of top candidates sustainably showing interest in the vacancy.

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Philippe Eyer

Managing Partner

Philippe Eyer has been working for EMA Partners Switzerland AG since 1999 and took over the helm of the organisation in 2009 as Managing Partner.