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Our daily motivation is to attract the best leaders for your company.

Why EMA Partners

What are the compelling reasons for a collaboration with EMA PARTNERS?

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  • Decades of expertise with a keen insight into people and competency profiles.
  • Specific, tailor-made searches on an exclusive mandate basis.
  • Personal management experience and a deep understanding of different industries, as well as brand and company positionings
  • A comprehensive, individually tailored range of services that includes search, assessments, and onboarding coaching.
  • Access to a vast Swiss and international network.
  • Close, trustworthy, and transparent communication with decision-makers.
  • A strong focus on your individual search requirements and high process quality.
  • Structured support for candidates.
  • We remain highly committed throughout all stages of the process.
  • Enthusiasm is contagious: We support positioning your company as an attractive employer.
  • We advocate for equal opportunities.

Our track record

Numbers & Facts

75% of the positions filled were C-LEVEL POSITIONS

83% of our mandates come from long-term clients

92% of our candidates are still with the same company after 3 years

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What we offer:
  • High-quality search on an exclusive mandate basis.
  • Comprehensive assessments for holistic evaluation.
  • Onboard coaching and support for new employees during the crucial first 100 days – ensuring maximum productivity from the start.

Additional services through external partners:

  • We are pleased to support start-ups as a trusted advisor in personnel management matters, especially in recruitment.
  • Succession planning for family-owned businesses.

Our value-centric structure

High value creation through utmost clarity in the process

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Direct Search

Initial Longlist Phase

Shortlist & Assessments


Further Support and Onboard Coaching

National & International

Industry focus

We are pleased to collaborate with owner-managed and publicly listed companies. Among our esteemed clients are publicly traded corporations, family-owned businesses, investment firms, foundations, government agencies, and associations.

We operate in the following industries and for the following organizations/institutions:

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Consumer Goods

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Industrial Goods / Pharma

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Private Equity and Venture Capital

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Family Offices

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Public Sector & NGO

Tailored Assessments

As a renowned executive search firm, we are delighted to offer you tailored assessments to support and facilitate your hiring decisions

Our full-day assessments are intensive, structured procedures that take a holistic view of the best candidates. Assessors use a combination of proven psychometric tests, behavioral exercises, and case studies to conduct a thorough evaluation of the candidates’ skills, potential, and cultural fit.

The psychometric Hogan Assessments and MPA/ACE Assessments provide valuable insights into the personality, motivation, and behavior of candidates. Based on extensive research and validation studies, these assessments enable the hiring company to gain a deep understanding of the individual strengths, development areas, and career goals of potential new hires.

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Onboard Coaching – A strong foundation for your new leaders

We specialize not only in finding the best leaders for your company but also in supporting you, via our partners, beyond the successful completion of the selection process.

With our individually tailored Onboard Coaching program, we assist you in ensuring that your newly acquired leaders have a seamless and successful start in your organization, immediately achieving their full productive potential.

The onboarding program is based on proven methods and includes individual counseling sessions, training, and mentoring tailored to the specific needs of each individual and aligned with your company’s goals.

„Thanks to EMA Partners Switzerland AG, we have very quickly found the right executive for us – in a very difficult and completely parched market. The collaboration was very efficient and a perfect fit.
Above all, the team of EMA Partners Switzerland AG has distinguished itself by its excellent knowledge of our company, our leadership team and our business.”

Christoph Rütimann | Vice President
Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ)

„For many years, we have been entrusting EMA Switzerland AG with the appointment of our executives. We treasure the collaboration enormously! The team has an incredible dedication, a notable network in the consumer goods industry and a high level of professionalism – it is a true pleasure working with them!”

Markus Vettiger | Verwaltungsrat
Maestrani Schweizer Schokoladen AG

„EMA Partners offers tailored solutions for our recruitment processes and maintains a highly collaborative approach.
We have also received very positive feedback from the selected candidates – professional, yet very personal and appreciative. I can wholeheartedly recommend the EMA team.“

Bernhard C. Bärtschi | General Manager, Head International Markets & Member Executive Management
A. Vogel Group

„EMA Partners Switzerland: For me, they are the number one in talent
and personnel search for years.”

Milan Prenosil | Chairman oftheBoard
Confiserie Sprüngli AG

“For over a decade, Emerald has entrusted EMA Partners, to identify, evaluate, and attract top talent for its growing business in the field of Climate-Tech Venture Capital. Each search process is unique, with a crucial emphasis on alignment with our corporate culture. Our longstanding contact, Sabine Byland, who knows our company inside and out, is invaluable.”

Gina Domanig | CEO
Emerald Technology Ventures AG