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Executive Search is our passion.

About us

Our clients are partners with us, and their success is our objective.

What we value highly

We place a significant emphasis on understanding people.

This means understanding their competencies and their personalities, as well as recognizing their potential on their journey ahead. Furthermore, we focus extensively on not only finding the ideal match in terms of roles and competencies but also on fostering enriching compatibility in values and culture.

Equality of opportunity is an essential prerequisite in our daily operations when searching for the best candidates. Our experts are highly motivated to support you in the context of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE & I).

We connect competent individuals and high-achievers with successful companies, fostering sustainable success in the future.

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Our values and principles

Delivering sustainable excellence with the highest quality.

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Our collaboration with clients, candidates, and partners is founded on appreciation, trust, continuity, and a profound interest in people. We cherish sustainable relationships with our clients and partners. In this regard, all our activities are geared towards delivering sustainable value for all stakeholders, and we strive for the utmost quality in everything we do.

Additionally, the following aspects are important to us:

  • Commitment: We are deeply committed!
  • Integrity and confidentiality
  • Diversity and inclusion:
    We advocate for more diversity and inclusion and embody these principles daily.
  • Authenticity, transparency, and open communication
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98A9238 - About us
Executive Search is our passion.

As a team deeply versed in the human element, we hold a profound appreciation for empathy, connection, and the meticulous curation of leadership talent.

We approach our work with fervor, dedicating ourselves wholeheartedly to exceeding the expectations of our clients.
We provide tailor-made solutions and steadfastly accompany our clients on their path of success over the long term.

98A8677 - Philippe Eyer

Philippe Eyer

Managing Partner

Philippe Eyer has been working for EMA Partners Switzerland AG since 1999 and took over the helm of the organisation in 2009 as Managing Partner. In addition to this role, he serves as Vice President of the Executive Management Team of EMA PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL, responsible for the global Partner Development. Previously in various executive positions. Studied Business Administration with an MBA in international Management Consulting.

„My goal is to bring together individuals who not only fit professionally but also personally. I firmly believe that a harmonious work atmosphere and a strong sense of team contribute significantly to a company’s success. It’s not just about finding the right qualifications and skills but also about meeting the individual needs and desires of the candidates. I take pride in helping people achieve their career goals and, in doing so, to play a significant role in shaping the success of the company.“

98A8732 - Sabine Byland

Sabine Byland

Managing Partner

Sabine Byland works as a Managing Partner for EMA Partners Switzerland. She has been active in Executive Search for many years, possessing extensive industry and market knowledge in Switzerland along with a broad network. Additionally, she has several years of leadership and project management experience from her previous consulting and project management roles (Crealogix, Swisscom, startup in the multimedia sector). She holds a degree in business administration and has pursued a further education in solution-oriented coaching.

“I enjoy working with people from different industries and backgrounds. The diversity and uniqueness of each search inspires me every day.
My aim is to precisely understand the needs and expectations of clients and candidates in order to find the best solutions for both sides. This is the only way to create a sustainable, long-term collaboration.
I like to support our clients and candidates on a partnership basis and rely on mutual trust, honesty and respect. I am dedicated to my work with great commitment, empathy and a high work ethics.”

Lidia Pititto

Lidia Pititto


Lidia Pititto works as a consultant for EMA Partners Switzerland AG. Prior to that she spent eight years in the food & beverage industry, including six years at Migros (MGB) in the international division as a project manager, responsible for the strategic export marketing. Earlier she worked in the financial industry for twenty years (SIX Swiss Exchange, Merrill Lynch and Fidenlity). She has a commercial education as well as a marketing expert degree.

„When it comes to recruitment, I analyze and consider not only the resume with educational parameters and career steps but especially the human values and character traits that are not visible on the CV. This maximizes the chance of creating the right match with our clients and making the collaboration and subsequent successes sustainable.
My strong people skills and the ability to look beyond the surface of candidates inspire me every day in my role as a consultant. This inspiration and the resulting passion have a positive impact on our work environment, our clients, and the candidates, too.”

Eva-Maria Maute

Eva-Maria Maute


Eva-Maria Maute works as Consultant, Executive Coach and DE & I Specialist for EMA Partners Switzerland AG. Having worked for diverse global companies, Eva-Maria has over 18 years experience in global marketing and management. Prior to focusing on Consulting and Executive & Business Coaching at Eva-Maria Maute Consulting, she was a member of the Swiss executive committee at a globally renowned F&B operator in the travel industry. Studied business administration and since 2009 continuous further education and training in the field of coaching, human insights & assessments in the US and Europe.

„The well-being and development of individuals are my utmost concern. My engagement at EMA Partners aligns with my mission of ensuring that people thrive on their professional journey! This engagement combines two passions: the development of human potential and the precise matching achieved through a keen understanding of the interplay between individuals, business domains, and job profiles within the cultural and economic context.
From a holistic perspective, I advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE & I). Through assessments and onboard coaching, I support individuals to gain new perspectives and walk their path with greater confidence and vigor – towards greater well-being, clarity, and efficiency.”

98A9117 - Rolf Rageth

Rolf Rageth

Managing Partner

Managing Partner at EMA Partners Switzerland AG and responsible for the Digital & Technology Practice.
Bringing multi-year experience in banking and international management consulting, I offer over 35 years of entrepreneurial experience in the fields of information technology, executive search, and human resources consulting across a variety of industries.
Degree in Business Informatics, MBA in International Management Consulting, training in NLP, NDS in Psychology & Management, certified Employer Branding Expert.

“As a search consultant, the cornerstone is the establishment of strong mutual trust. Since 1998, I have been gratified to repeatedly build and maintain this bond through professionalism, discretion, psychological insight, assessment accuracy, expertise, and continuity.
At EMA Partners AG, we share laughter daily, enjoy our work, and ensure that humor is always a part of the equation.”

Yvette Rose

Yvette Rose

Executive Assistant

Yvette Rose works as an Executive Assistant for EMA Partners Switzerland AG. Previously she worked in the aviation industry for 12 years, including 6 years as Assistant to the CEO in the Lufthansa Group. Most recently she traveled the world as a flight attendant. Studied Economic Science.

„Offering a top-tier service characterized by high quality and excellence is in my DNA. Dealing with people openly and honestly inspires and uplifts me.
In my pivotal role at EMA Partners, I serve as a connecting link, working behind the scenes to keep various threads together. My goal always remains to create a trusting environment where people feel comfortable and can unleash their full potential. The foundations of this trusting, productive environment are respect, trust, and the ability to consider individual needs.”

98A8775 - Deborah Lang

Deborah Lang

Executive Assistant

Deborah Lang works as an Executive Assistant for EMA Partners Switzerland AG. Matura with specialization in languages. Since September 2023, she has been pursuing a master’s degree in Psychology at the University of Zurich.

“The well-being of individuals and the determining factors behind it have always fascinated me. As a psychology student, I understand that the workplace plays a significant role and that negativity can spill over into other areas of life.
Therefore, my greatest concern is to find the candidate for each position who not only meets the requirements of the job but also fits into the respective corporate culture. I am convinced that employees who can thrive in their work and drive the company forward with joy and enthusiasm not only increase their own well-being but also have a positive impact on the entire work environment.“

Sebastian Lenzlinger

Sebastian Lenzlinger

Research Assistant

Sebastian Lenzlinger works as a Research Assistant for EMA Partners Switzerland AG. Matura with specialisation in natural science. Since September 2020 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and since 2021 at the University of Basel.

“My computer science studies have honed my ability to think methodically and work systematically to understand complex systems and navigate large volumes of data. I get to apply this skill on a daily basis at EMA Partners Switzerland AG to identify the best candidates from various sources.
What brings me the most joy in this process is exploring how algorithms work and the art of using them to develop a systematic approach to pinpoint the most suitable candidates.”

Our partners

Philipp Lutz

Philipp Lutz

Assessement Partner

Philipp Lutz is a partner at Schiltwald Partners AG and works as an external assessment specialist for EMA Partners Switzerland AG. He is and has been active in leading positions in the areas of learning, human recources and organisational development. He studied psychology at the University of Zurich and has further training in mediation in an intercultural enviroment.

Renate Hasler

Renate Hasler

Career & Executive Coaching Partner

Renate Hasler is Managing Director of Hasler Management GmbH – Career Coaching & Consultant and works as an external Career & Executive Coach for EMA Partners Switzerland AG. Before founding her own company, she worked as a manager up to executive level, in senior HR management, as a project manager, career and executive coach and consultant in Switzerland and abroad. Studies in Business Administration FH, HWZ Zurich and Master of HR Management & Coaching, The University of Sydney.

Mylène Thiébaud

Mylène Thiébaud

Leadership Consulting Partner

Mylène Thiébaud , CEO of Transformy GmbH, serves as our Leadership Consulting Partner at EMA Partners Switzerland AG. With extensive experience in organizational development, change projects, and strategic guidance, she brings comprehensive expertise. Prior to her current role, she held leadership positions at notable companies like Migros and Carbagas AG. National Diploma in Marketing Management, National Diploma in Food Engineering from ETH Zurich, coaching training.

Michel Rudin - Michel Rudin

Michel Rudin

Expert for Diversity & Inclusion

Michel Rudin is an expert in Diversity and Inclusion, serving as a partner at AGON PARTNERS DIVERSITY AG. In this capacity, he provides advisory services in HR, Communication, and Compliance to companies and governmental agencies. He is the founder of Swiss Diversity and a former Co-President of Pink Cross. Additionally, he serves as a board member of Sinnvoll Gastro AG, acts as an EKS council member, and sits on the boards of trustees for HEKS and the KMU Legal Enforcement Foundation. Michel Rudin holds a Master’s degree in Communication and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Global support
for cross-border search.

We can assist you with a search for highly qualified executives, locally and globally – may it be for a recruitment in one of your subsidiaries worldwide or for recruitment of international executives in Switzerland.

The well-connected global world of work offers incredible opportunities for the recruitment of new executives. We leverage this potential through our international network.

The growing network of global EMA Partners consists of more than 200 consultants with extensive management and industry experience and is represented in 30 countries with more than 40 offices.

Our Managing Partner Philippe Eyer serves as Vice President on the Executive Management Team with the responsibility for Global Partner Development.

The organization of the network is structured towards facilitating international cooperation with joint learning culture. The processes are well harmonized and adhere to highest quality standards. We offer a seamless cross-border cooperation for national placements.