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Your opportunity for further progress!

It’s wonderful that you are on the exciting path of personal development and career growth.

You’ve come to the right place! We are here to support you.

We take the time to get to know you and approach you with openness and interest. We want to know who you are, what defines and motivates you, and where your ‘professional journey’ ideally should lead.

We are happy to accompany you throughout the entire process – from preparing for the client interview to signing the contract.

Our goal for very candidate is to gain valuable insights into their own potential and future career prospects from the process, which they can build upon.

If you are hired, we remain in close contact with you during the onboarding phase. It is important to us that you integrate well into your new environment and that you have the opportunity to thrive and develop optimally.

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We look forward to getting to know you and learning more about your skills, goals, and values!

Our focus lies on the personality- and performance-related compatibility between individuals and organizations.

For a sustainable management appointment, we take into account not only the profile mix of competencies, motivation and goals but also, and especially, the cultural match. To the benefit of all parties involved.


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Extra services to aid your optimal presentation

True strength requires clarity of direction, ideally combined with a holistic perspective. Therefore, we support you in many ways throughout the process.

Upon request, we offer you professional assistance in the following areas:

  • Career Coaching: Which path aligns best with your career ambitions? What is the most beneficial next step?
  • Interview Preparation: Skillfully presenting you and your competence.
  • CV Review: Content- and design-wise.
  • Presentation Skills (Workshops and Individual Coaching): Be confident and eloquent when it matters!

Some of these services are provided in collaboration with external experts.

Your career begins here


We work on a mandate basis. At the request of our customers, we also publish some job positions online. If so, you will find them here.

For data protection reasons, please do not send unsolicited job applications. Unsolicited applications will neither be processed nor stored, but will need to be deleted.

After being directly approached by us, you can submit your resume and any additional documents here. Thank you.

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„The support provided by Mr. Eyer and his team at EMA Partners Switzerland was very professional and from the first contact through to the conclusion of the contract characterized by mutual trust. I was always aware of the actual status of the process and well informed about the next steps.”

Matthias Schlatter

„I felt very well looked after throughout the entire process. In addition to the professional support, I especially appreciated the transparency and extraordinary commitment of the team at EMA Partners Switzerland AG.“

Curdin Stäheli

„Mr. Eyer and his team convince with their exemplary professionalism and empathy. The recruitment process of EMA Partners Switzerland AG is transparent und fast-tracked – with the benefit of candidates receiving optimal support and advice. Thank you very much for the pleasant and successful cooperation.”

Cedomir Krndija

„EMA Partners Switzerland AG has accompanied me very professionally throughout the recruitment process – with great transparency and commitment. I will gladly refer to them in case of a vacancy and can only warmly recommend them.”

Stephan Rosser

„The support provided by EMA Partners throughout the recruitment process was characterized by professionalism and a focus on the individual needs of the client. An open, prompt, and transparent communication style, along with competent, supportive guidance, rounded off the successful collaboration.”

Oliver Moritz

„I felt very well taken care of by Mrs. Byland throughout the entire recruitment process. She is professional, trustworthy, engaged, provided me with valuable insights, and kept me informed at all times about the current status and the next steps.”

Mirela Birchmeier

„Mrs. Byland’s guidance was highly appreciative. She impressed with her extremely professional approach, ensuring authenticity and transparency, and was always readily available for any concerns. I particularly valued Mrs. Byland’s very personal and warm dedication. Thank you!”

Barbara Perrier